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Have a stress free workout routines & prevent yourself from injuries with PowerLifer - Weight Lifting Wrist Power Hooks   If you're like many people, it may not be your arm strength that's...

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Have a stress free workout routines & prevent yourself from injuries with PowerLifer - Weight Lifting Wrist Power Hooks


PowerLifer - Weight Lifting Wrist Hooks

If you're like many people, it may not be your arm strength that's lacking... It's likely your grip! Many people find that even though their arms are up for the job, they simply can't hold on securely when weight levels become intense. But that doesn't have to hold you back from continuing to make your workouts productive and challenging. With PowerLifer, you can increase the weight and never have to worry about your grip!


PowerLifer is made with premium materials that have been tested under extreme conditions. These power weight lifting hooks are the best choice if you’re looking for some heavy-duty straps to help you surpass your current weight and reps. The wrist wraps neoprene material contours around your wrist, allowing for a more comfortable workout. That’s why PowerLifer will help to take the pressure off your palms and increase your lifting capacity.



  • IMPROVED LIFTING STRENGTH AND STABILITY – These weight lifting hooks help improve your form, enhance grip strength, and reduce stress and tension during heavy lifts, powerlifting, or intense barbell movements for better safety and support.
  • MAINTAIN PROPER FORM AND TECHNIQUE – Better grip on an Oly bar during deadlifts, shrugs, pull-ups, or barbell, cable, and upright rows can impact your strength gains and mobility during powerlifting, weightlifting, bodybuilding or CrossFit.
  • REINFORCED DURABILITY AND RESILIENCE – Our industrial-grade fastening straps boast double-stitching, heavy-duty steel hooks with a non-slip coating, and thicker neoprene to reduce stress, wear, and tear. They’re even rated up to 600 lbs.

PowerLifer - Weight Lifting Wrist Hooks

  • COMFORTABLE AND STYLISH FIT – The fully-adjustable neoprene straps are soft, ultra-thick at 8mm, and provide breathable comfort and support during lifts. Great for men and women they ensure your grip doesn’t fail during lifting or pulling exercises.

PowerLifer - Weight Lifting Wrist HooksPowerLifer - Weight Lifting Wrist Hooks

Every product is unique, just like you. If you're looking for a product that fits the mold of your life, the PowerLifer - Weight Lifting Wrist Hooks is for you.
  • EXTRA STRONG DESIGN: Hands down the best and most secure weight lifting hooks on the market. Our hooks are built out of heavy duty solid steel and will hold up through any workouts! Our hooks are designed for extreme workouts and beginners both.
  • COMFORT AND SUPPORT: Our Neoprene lifting hooks with wrist straps are extra wide to give you maximum stability while not losing comfort during training. Stay focused on building strength knowing your wirsts are fully secured with these wrist straps. Extra padding is built in for stability.
  • 1 PAIR: Order comes with two hooks. Take your workouts to the next level and stop worrying about your grip. Our hooks will secure the bar for you while you concentrate on form and technique. Great for powerlifting, olympic lifting, barbell training and bodybuilding. Whether you are professional or beginner these are perfect for any level
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE: One size fits all with the fully adjustable strap. Men and Women both adjust to fit perfectly on your wrist.
  • MORE GRIP MORE REPS: Non-slip hooks do the dirty work and secure the bar allowing you to gain more strength and complete more reps! Increase deadlift reps and all barbell movements with these top of the line Lifting Hooks Wrist Straps

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